Tour type: Daily Tour
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
The possibilities and opportunities for photography in Morocco are endless! The weather conditions here are amazing for taking beautiful landscapes, the culture of this country gives the photographer many vivid and awe inspiring vistas, the traditions and nature of this country are constant stimuli for anyone who loves photography. The magic of the Berber villages nestled in the mountains, the elders of the country dressed in their traditional clothing or the young women shopping at the traditional Moroccan souks, don't miss these amazing opportunities. Then there are the landscapes that are so diverse and varied from desert dunes to the white beaches of the Atlantic, from the inaccessible gorges to the lush Oasis. All the is left is to decide on your route to explore all these amazing sights and we can help you by suggesting places we know that are great photo opportunities such as visiting the falconers of the desert, the ancient Kasbahs, hidden caves in the Atlas mountains or the large salt flats in the south. We can find routes for you that take you far from the commonly used tourist routes, we can organise for large groups of enthusiasts or the individual photographer, we can organise workshops or a theme that your tour will follow. Let us know your preferences and the time you have available and we will make the perfect schedule for you.

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