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If you love hiking you will find the most varied landscapes nature has to offer here in Morocco. With over 2500km of coastline from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and with vast mountain ranges cutting the country into two such as the Atlas and the Rif mountains, you will cross some spectacular landscapes here in Morocco! Valleys occupied by terraced fields and irrigated by an ingenious network of ducts where vegetables, wheat and barley grow among the many fruit baring trees found here. Local wildlife includes wild boars, gazelle, Barbary sheep and Barbary apes as well as many species of birds and insects. The massive Ighil Mgoun is one of the higher peaks in the Moroccan Atlas mountain chain. This is a fantastic area for hikers to visit with beautiful landscapes characterized by towering rock canyons made up of rocks in shades of orange and red. Berber villages from another time populated by Berber farmers and shepherds who live in houses constructed from mud, straw and stones. Close by lies the area known as “the valley of a thousand Kasbahs” and the famous gorges of Dades and Todra. When hiking in the Atlas one should always be aware of the area you are walking over as Morocco is a paradise for geologists and a treasure trove for collectors of minerals, rocks, crystals and fossils. You can find with relative ease such precious stones as calcite, quartz, amethyst, gypsum and other rare and precious minerals!


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