Motorcycle Tours In Morocco

Motorcycle Tours In Morocco
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Morocco is easily reached directly from Europe and it is simple for you to plan your trip with our travel agency . Given its variety, which allows to plan road tours and great off-road raids or a combination of both, it is not difficult to understand what a sought after destination Morocco is for bike travelers the world over. Will you go alone or with a group of fellow riders? You can easily manage without the support of a local agency or a tour operator. Do you own a bike with knobby tires? Are you expert off-road riders and consequently are thinking about an adventure raid in the South of the Country? Our advice is anyhow not to do it without the support of a local motorbike guide and always make sure you have a good supply of water, food and petrol. There are areas where there is no assistance, going by bike is not easy and the routes are not very accessible if you do not know exactly where to go. And this can happen even before touching sand, Being followed by a local guide, maybe with a 4×4 vehicle, allows you to optimize time, discover places you would not see by yourselves, and have assistance in case of falls or breakdown of the bike.